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Stephen Foote

Blue Water Films Ltd

Liz Doyle

What I love and do

I live in a sleepy, off the beaten track, village near Abingdon.    In my spare time I make bespoke leathergoods – mainly because I can do that on a kitchen table.  I suspect I may be a frustrated cabinet maker, but that requires space I don’t have!

What I do and love

I have led an adventurous life as a commercial diver, photographer and documentary cameraman.  I studied photography at art college in the early 80’s, and went on to fulfil my passion with diving by joining the team that excavated and raised the Mary Rose!  I then moved into TV and I have been filming top-end documentaries for The BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic ever since.  

I have made films all over the world in a huge variety of environments – jungles, war zones and deserts. These documentaries have covered diverse range of genres – history, politics, conflict, current affairs, natural history and so on.  It has been a privilege to work on so many different films. 

I am also an active photographer and work on many of my own fine art projects.  Most recently I have been photographing Oxford under lockdown.