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Vicky Wilson

Energise Health and Nutrition Ltd


Vicky Wilson

I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist and homeopath specialising in womens’ hormonal health. I started my career in banking, and first discovered natural healing when I had my daughter, using hypnobirthing. I was fascinated by this and decided to retrain as a homeopath. My son arrived in 2008, and I achieved my BSc in Homeopathy in 2010. I’ve been helping others to discover the power of homeopathy ever since. I achieved my diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition in 2018 and they complement each other well.

I originally focused on young mums and kids but now as I approach 50 my interest has moved to perimenopause and menopause. I have a busy home life and like everyone else I get tired, and life has its high and low points. Back in 2020, times were tough for me: I was overweight, anxious, and coming to terms with the loss of my dad. So, I had to take my own advice: I changed my diet and lifestyle exactly as I would have advised a client to do. Now I’m fitter, stronger, and more ready to take on the day than I was in my 30s. I’m living proof that you can feel healthy and more energised in your 40s than ever before.

In my spare time I love running, ballet, yoga and listening to music.”


I founded Energise Health and Nutrition to bring together the 2 arms of my business; homeopathy and nutrition under one brand but keeping the focus of natural healing and preventative medicine.

Naturopathic nutrition uses food and natural remedies as a treatment. Our bodies and minds thrive when we give them what they need and those needs are unique to each person. Naturopathic Nutrition focuses on you, and creating a nutrient-rich food plan that gives your body and mind what they need to be healthy and thrive. It can help with any symptoms that you are experiencing and prevent long term illness.

Homeopathy is a holistic treatment built on trust and respect between the homeopath and client. In a safe and supportive environment, I will ask you to share as much information as you can about your health and lifestyle. That way I can decide which remedies match you best, and will result in the greatest benefits. I consider the whole person and not just disease labels.

Several times throughout my life I have seen the awesome power that good food, remedies and the smallest lifestyle changes can have over health for our physical and mental wellness. I love showing women how much more their lives can hold for them, by making natural, sustainable changes they can incorporate easily into their lives.

I regularly deliver group programmes for women who’d like to share their path to wellbeing with others, rather than taking a bespoke personal service. I also deliver talks and focused presentations on a variety of themes, virtually and in person, and often in partnership with other natural healing practitioners.

I am an expert in helping ladies over 40 to balance their hormones and manage the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. I can also arrange home food intolerance and vitamin testing.
I can help your mind and body to thrive, not just survive.