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The Business Spa was founded by Cathy Dunbabin, a self-confessed people person and serial entrepreneur. She set up The Business Spa because she could see how much knowledge and motivation she drew from spending time with aspirational business people; learning from them, working with them and celebrating their successes – but also that many business owners and managers don’t often get the chance to step away from their business, and invest in themselves.

In 2021, Cathy stepped away from the daily running of the Business Spa and handed over to Sharon Strickland-Clark, the Business Spa Associate for the Oxford branch.

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About Sharon

Sharon has her own business coaching practice, supporting business owners to grow robust, ethical and successful businesses and teams, and helping them develop into the kind of leader they really want to be, with the confidence that they no longer have to worry about burn-out or overwhelm. They learn to overcome the interfering voices of sabotage and inner critic and get clarity on their vision for their future.  By keeping the focus on their business values, they become driven by their passion to make a difference in the world and create a working environment that is both rewarding and fun.

Sharon believes that business owners have the potential to evolve into leaders capable of making the global transformations that our generation and future ones need. She has a passion and a mission to build an inspiring community of business owners, and to create a unique place where connection and collaboration are fundamental to the success of their businesses; and she is excited to be supporting our expert mentors in doing what they do best, and making a difference to others.

Sharon says, 

"I began my time at the Business Spa as a member, so I know what our members are experiencing - and I love that I can add my professional expertise to bring an extra learning dimension to what we offer. I’m a passionate believer that time spent on yourself is time invested in your business too – and the Business Spa is an invaluable opportunity to do both.  We have an incredible family of expert mentors who have already made a big difference to my business and I can’t wait to support them so they can keep bringing their magic to others.”

How does the Business Spa work?

It’s called The Business Spa because much like a trip to a day spa it’s indulgent and rejuvenating and you will definitely leave feeling re-energised and focused on success. Instead of massages and pedicures at The Business Spa our treatments are all focused on helping you and your business grow and flourish.

You’ll experience professional development delivered by experts in their field and successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right.  We provide opportunities for goal setting and objective planning as well as opportunities to share experiences, bounce ideas around and discuss challenging issues in a trusted environment.

As well as influential guest speakers, The Business Spa has a team of experts that contribute regularly and offer additional support.  Our business development mentor team includes experts in marketing, sales, finance, networking, social media, business coaching and more…

What does a session at The Business Spa look like?

Each month our two meetings are divided into key areas each designed to help you grow and develop your business acumen and to inspire you with ideas to help your business flourish.


    A chance for members to showcase their business and practice their pitch, it’s not just show and tell either, there are sessions dedicated to refining your presentations and masterminding the development of your projects.


    Open Spa is our Guest Event that is held at on the first Tuesday of each month.  At this meeting we hear from some of our favourite entrepreneurs who share stories of their business journeys, present their solutions to common landmark moments, and offer support and guidance in their area of expertise. Their stories are honestly told, full of pearls of wisdom.  They talk of the highs, the lows and the lessons learned when building a successful business.

    Virtual Spa is our Members Meeting an is held on the second Tuesday of the month.  With the help of our expert speakers we explore a range of business topics and get down to the real work of applying the training to your business. By developing your business skills, improving your understanding and knowledge you will benefit both personal and professionally.


    In our virtual twice monthly accountability sessions we focus on what we each want to achieve over the next month, quarter and year. Working together as a whole and in small ‘buddy’ groups we create an environment of productivity and success to enable you to reach your goals. These sessions help you stay on your path to business success.


    In these sessions, members bring issues, ideas and challenges and have them explored in a trusted environment.  We examine the detail, offer creative suggestions and motivate you to see you through to completion.

Obviously, this is all supplemented with lots of lovely tea, coffee, and, for our members, a tasty lunch!

About the Business Spa






The Business Spa Oxford


We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month, between 9.30am and 12pm (coffee is brewed and ready from 9.15am) at Leonardo Royal Hotel, Godstow Rd, Oxford OX2 8AL. 

The Business Spa Director, Sharon Strickland-Clark hosts this meeting in association with one of the incredible team of Expert Mentors who support the members in a wide variety of topics.

Sharon is an ICF PCC accredited coach, specialising in leadership development.  Her coaching practice, Bravetart Coaching helps business owners reignite their courage and find their inner brave. She supports them to increase their confidence and then harnesses that growth to realise the potential they have been holding inside.

Sharon works with professionals in all kinds of business but mainly with freelancers who are looking to be more successful in promoting their business; SME business owners who want to learn powerful leadership skills for new and growing teams; and with anyone who want to build confidence that will help them to leave employment and embark on exciting new business opportunities.

She loves helping people to reconnect with the vitality and passion that once energised them to dance, or sing, or play and help them to see new ways of channelling all of that energy into creating the bright and beautiful future that they desire. From this place of putting themselves first, their true leadership qualities begin to emerge.

She helps business owners to grow robust, ethical and successful businesses and teams. Helping them develop into the kind of leader they really want to be with the confidence that they no longer have to worry about burn-out or overwhelm. They learn to overcome the interfering voices of sabotage and inner critic and get clarity on their vision for their future.


What can the Business Spa offer you?

Our Associate Directors are committed to your success – it’s part of why they do what they do. Our mentors and speakers have been where you are now and are absolutely delighted to be able to offer their time, expertise, experiences and inspiration to support you.  

You will be asked to commit to tasks each month that will move your business in the direction and at the speed you choose. You get to support other business owners too by encouraging them to achieve their business commitments in buddy groups.

Whether you’ve been in business a year or many more making sure you take quality time to invest in your personal and business development, mindset, knowledge and wellbeing, continually improving yourself, is essential.

Our Vision

It’s widely documented that less than 30% of new businesses get to celebrate 10 years – our vision is to be partying with all our members when they get there.

Our Mission

That all members feel revitalised, focused, energised and ready to take action after time spent at  the Business Spa.

Our Smile (aka our values)







To keep an open-mind, be non-judgmental and always behave in a supportive, positive way that encourages and brings out the best others.


To display a can-do attitude striving to be our best at all times, achieve our own goals and motivate others to doing the same.


To take a positive approach and inspire business owners to have a compelling vision for their businesses, create a rock-solid plan and commit to bring it to life.


To provide and facilitate continuous professional development to actively encourage new learning, brushing up of skills and sharing of knowledge.


To share experiences, expertise, personal learning and unique stories for the benefit of our members.

And…although serious about business we will always remember to have a little bit of fun along the way!

The Nitty Gritty...

Open Spa (Guest Event)

Oxford Open Spa | First Tuesday of the month | 9.15am – 12pm (additional member only workshop finishes at 1pm)

Bloxham Open Spa | First Wednesday of the month | 9.15am – 12pm (additional member only workshop finishes at 1pm) 

Virtual Spa (Members Only)

All members | Third Tuesday of month | 9.30am – 12pm


Joining Fee – £40 | At the Business Spa we believe in love at first sight so…. If this is your first visit and you say yes, then we will waive the joining fee! 

If this is your second visit, then we will ask that you make a commitment or bid us farewell because when you know, you know and there’s never a better time than right now to act!


Single Membership – £150 per month (Pure Spa); £270 per month (Indulgent Spa); or £75 per month (Simply Spa) – see Membership page for more details

Executive Membership – £150 per month single or £225 per month joint (Pure Spa membership, contact for Indulgent Spa membership options).

Please Note – Joint members, who must work in the same business, receive a 50% discount on the second monthly membership fee. There is no VAT payable on any fees.

We offer a range of membership options to suit where you are in your business journey, and what you need to get out of your Business Spa sessions. Our mixture of online and face-to-face sessions brings the best of both worlds together – flexibility, and that invaluable time spent in the company of like-minded individuals.

We wanted to create the opportunity for business owners to choose what level of membership is right for where they are in their journey with the added flexibility of moving through the various levels whenever they need to.

We hold meetings twice a month – one virtual and one in-person – and you’ll be able to access different features of those meetings depending on your membership level, which are Simply Spa or Simply Spa Virtual, Pure Spa and Indulgent Spa.

Pure Spa

For business owners who are a little further down the line.  This membership is for when you’ve established your identity and know the type of clients you’re after – but you need inspiration to form your strategy for the next stage, to learn from other experts, and to set new goals for yourself and your business, with plenty of accountability to support you. 

  • Open Spa – a monthly in-person meeting with Business Spa members and guests
  • Virtual Spa – a monthly online meeting of members only
  • Professional Development sessions
  • Coach led planning, goal setting and accountability sessions
  • 3-month initial contract, then rolling monthly membership
  • £150 per month (2022)

Indulgent Spa

This our top-tier option – the best of the best, and it’s for business owners who know that the time has come to push themselves and their business to the next level, with the support of their peers, and coaching from our experts. Membership includes all the benefits of Pure Spa, plus: 

  • Monthly one-to-one coaching session
  • Online Resource Centre
  • 6-month contract
  • £270 per month (2022)

Book On To A Guest Event

Come and meet Sharon and our members in Oxford