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Melissa Russon



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I’ve lived less than half my life in the UK, and I’ve never lost that desire to stretch my boundaries and explore. I like to spend time with people from different cultures and walks of life, finding out what makes them tick.

One last thing? I’m an avid reader: if something has words on it, I’ve probably read them, and it’s a hard task to get my attention when I have my nose in a book!


I’m a freelance copywriter. Nothing to do with copyright law: it’s all about supporting businesses with their messaging and voice, so that they can connect with customers and sell more.

I love the challenge of digging into your customers’ motivations and learning to speak their language, and seeing that lightbulb moment when they understand exactly what a product has to offer them.

I’m a details person, too. I make sure every word is pulling its weight to grow your business – whether it’s a video script, a brochure or even the cookie banner on your website!

My background is working with vulnerable people, and I’ve stayed in the loop as a trustee of an employment charity. I love working with businesses that are doing their bit to help people, communities and the planet, too. Even if that’s just by making a stellar pair of socks!