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Ryan Cowan

Ryan Cowan Photography

Ryan Cowan

What I love and do

I like long walks on the beach and holding hands. Haha! Oh wait, this isn’t

My accent may fluctuate, but I am South African and with that, I am happiest when active outdoors, most preferably in the ocean, surfing, SCUBA diving and interacting with nature. 

I will always choose rugby over football. I have a healthy obsession with mixed martial arts and l always welcome a good hug. 

What I do and love

I specialise in commercial photography. 

As broad a field as commercial photography is, I am essentially creating images that will be used by businesses to drive engagement and increase sales. I help brands to connect with their intended audiences by creating a portfolio of images that can then be used to market with on social media and other advertising platforms.

I will spend time getting to understand who they are and who they are reaching out to. Whether it be a personal brand or a business persona, I want to help tell their story and portray them in a way that is on-brand and helps their potential clients get to know, like and trust them.