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Kirsty Van Den Bulk

Founder - Opening Doors Consultancy


Kirsty VDB

Whilst an actor and presenter, I supported myself working in technology with blue-chip clients Intel, BT Openzone, Fuji, Intel, and Samsung technology, in sales and training. As an actor I have appeared as a guest artist on ‘My Parents are Aliens’ ‘Basil Brush’ and ‘Shoebox Zoo’; you may also have heard me on the radio as the voice of ‘Learn Direct’.

Throughout my career, I have understood people benefit from support and coaching. With the increase of video usage I realized there was a gap in the market for someone to coach public speaking, on camera confidence and ensure the brand was well represented by a presenter or voice over on video.

Opening Doors Consultancy is the keystone in your video marketing campaign. There is an art to being clear and concise when storytelling in a way that emotionally connects with the audience whilst staying on brand delivering the values of the company.


Your Voice Online: Confidently speaking to camera is easy when you know how, knowing how to deliver a speech effectively on-camera and in front of an audience is a skill. Ensuring the key messages are heard through your online voice can be challenging.

We add value by helping you to: Be Camera Confident.
Use video as part of your digital marketing strategy?
Unify your online voice across all platforms.
Source writers, director, producers, and studio space.

Let us take the pain away by:
Working with us; we’ll empower you to overcome your fear and anxiety when public speaking.
We’ll help you to feel confident and comfortable on-camera.
Working together; we’ll support you to feel at ease using your voice to deliver your presentation.
We’ll help you to step into your speaker shoes.
By working together, we’ll unify your voice through your digital marketing campaigns.
We’ll reach out to our network of professional creatives to source the cast and crew for your corporate video.