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Helen Blantz

AYM Coaching Ltd



Helen is a Business Coach working with clients to shake up the status quo – gently challenging what’s not working and encouraging broader thinking…

Helen has run teams in corporates, start-ups, local government and the third sector. Helen also has 20+ years of experience as a freelance conference director, basing content on powerful questions in conversations with C-level global experts.

Three key passions drive Helen’s coaching practice:

  1. building connected and resilient communities;
  2. encouraging young people to reach their potential; and
  3. lifelong learning.

In pursuit of these passions, Helen is drawn to working with young people in their early careers, and with businesses which deliver a social impact to the communities they serve.

Helen believes that every coaching client has the inner resources they need. What Helen brings is an approach which unlocks ‘same-loop thinking’ – working always in partnership with clients – exploring, innovating and transforming.


AYM Coaching works in partnership with clients to bring about meaningful transformation through one-to-one and team/group coaching programmes.

=What Does AYM Mean?=

AYM stands for “Align Your Mindset.”

I believe that to make your vision of a better working life a reality, you must practise a cohesive approach that flows through every action, keeping in mind who you want to become and how you need to interact with your environment, and the people around you, in order to get there.

I call this the Align Your Mindset (AYM) approach, and it takes focus, energy, and time to get it right.

Choosing to transform your working life is never the easy option. Clients need to be actively involved, open-minded, and unafraid to be in the moment as we explore possibilities together.

= AYM Coaching Clients =

  1. AYM Early Careers

I work with young people to establish their early career options, and develop a strategy for career progression.

Coaching programmes work from the client’s unique and personal set of values, which we build into a Life Vision. Goals and actions are then set in alignment with the client’s overall vision.

We use a mix of online learning (videos, audios and workbooks), supported by weekly coaching sessions.

  1. AYM Coaching for Social Impact Businesses

I work with executives in social impact businesses to develop robust strategies, practices and procedures which deliver efficient, customer-centric services to their customers.

  1. AYM Coaching for Mental Fitness

Building mental fitness brings peak performance; wellbeing & happiness; and improved relationships. This foundational work creates long-lasting impact. Clients follow the 6-week Positive Intelligence online app (see We use both one-to-one and group coaching to develop a life which is lived more in positive emotions.

The spread of coaching sessions is carefully plotted to enable clients to dovetail their work in the app.

The AYM Mental Fitness programme is offered to individuals, teams, families and communities.