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Dr Jules Gregory

JC Meadowsweet Ltd


Julie Gregory 1

Having built a successful Brand & Marketing agency (that’s still trading after 30 years, albeit without me!), as the education director I also loved designing and developing entrepreneurship education courses for students across seven universities in the UK and USA. In 2016, having completed a PhD exploring Wealth Creation Education businesses in the UK, I both closed and exited my businesses to travel in the Americas for a year or so. Since then I have been informally undertaking marketing research and strategy work for companies seeking angel investment, on request. Now formally starting a business again, I’m particularly focused on developing guides, mini courses and a suite of core courses delivering my specialist knowledge and expertise online, to reach wider audiences, and dispel the many myths that insist marketing is a dark art!


Most of my present clients are a similar age to myself. I have discovered that older entrepreneurs have built up vast amounts of insight, skills and expertise, yet can easily suffer from ‘offering confusion’ – either in their existing business, or when establishing a new venture. It’s difficult to choose a niche when you are expert in a number of things! Deconstructing all aspects of a company’s skills, values and innovations, I then enjoying working with them to reconstruct and present their authentic, compelling and unique offering in the most beneficial way to their target audience. This resulting clarity means you are much more likely to reach your ideal clients every time with your chosen marketing tactics. I am currently developing online courses with lower priced guides and mini-courses, as well as more comprehensive, knowledge intensive products aimed at various niched audiences.