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Sharon Strickland-Clark

Bravetart Coaching


What I love and do

I’ve spent the last 20 years being a wife and then mum to a beautiful family. I consider my 3 kids to be my greatest life achievement and my most inspiring teachers. I love anything that brings me back to nature, especially walking our dog.  I believe replenishment is key to happiness so I can often be found in my kitchen making homemade food for a very hungry, growing family or getting muddy in the garden.

What I do and love

I am Bravetart, and I formed Bravetart Coaching to help women in business reignite their courage and find their inner brave. I support women to increase their confidence and then use it to realise the potential they have been holding inside.

I work with women in all kinds of business but mainly with freelancers who are looking to be more successful in promoting their business;  SME business owners who want to learn powerful leadership skills for new and growing teams; and with women who want to build confidence that will help them to leave employment and embark on exciting new business opportunities.

I love helping women to reconnect with the vitality and passion that once energised them to dance, or sing, or play; and help them to see new ways of channelling all of that energy into creating the bright and beautiful future that they desire. From this place of putting themselves first, their true leadership qualities begin to emerge.

I help women to grow robust, ethical and successful businesses and teams. Helping them develop into the kind of leader they really want to be with the confidence that they no longer have to worry about burn-out or overwhelm. They learn to overcome the interfering voices of sabotage and inner critic and get clarity on their vision for their future. I work with women who are ready to get out of their own way and start to realise life-changing results.

The work we do together digs deeply into who they are and what is important to them in 1-1 sessions for anything between 12 weeks and 12 months.

These women will be the kind of leaders who will bring about the global changes we need to make for our and future generations. More importantly, these women are taking back their happiness and joy and sharing it with the world.