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Sonia Kearns – Do you know a… Could you recommend…

About Sonia Kearns

Outside of work the things that make me smile, laugh and totter are sharing meals with Chris and our two girls ( although their love of food means the restaurants are getting more expensive as they get older!), when a design comes together ( love interiors and getting the paint brush out) and a bottle or two of champers with my mates ( that often results in a dance move or two!). You gotta love life…

Sonia’s business experience

Nurse, Health Visitor, Set up a Home Swap business ( should’ve persevered but no business knowledge – needed the BS), Property Business ( Frontdoorz), Opendoorz.

Success is surrounding your self with people who are honest ( good and bad), supportive, there through thick and thin but always believe in you…family, friends, colleagues. And a ‘just get the job done’ attitude…

Five questions, five answers…

What has been your most pivotal moment in business?

So many…. but most proud of how we handled the last two years. Supporting and keeping everyone happy – including ourselves! Coming out stronger…

If you could send a text to yourself the day you started out in business what would it say?

Just be true to yourself…

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

My business partner Cathy – it’s easy not to recognise the relationship you have. Ours is so strong – trust and love are key. We’re hitting our 22nd year of marriage soon!

What book should all business owners read?

The E Myth was the first business book I read…changed the way I thought.

What is your favourite quote?

“I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened and I’m not afraid to look behind them” Elizabeth Taylor

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