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cathy dunblain

Cathy Dunbabin – Exploring the Power of Connections & Networking

About Cathy

A fan of anything that makes your heart race (legal of course), I adore heels and sparkly things including fizz. Mum to 2 fabulous daughters and a gorgeous grandson, is an eternal optimist and partial to a night at the casino. Loves networking, connecting people and businesses and supporting their success!

Cathy’s business experience

After a short career in banking it became obvious that employment was not for me. Much to my parents dismay I quit aged 20 to run an Oxford City pub. Since then I’ve had a few businesses some failed others were ok but from them I learned along the way. In 2001 I found business networking and was immediately intrigued seeing business professionals referring to and supporting each other.  I made some rookie errors in the early days but was determined to learn from successful networkers. I soon improved my networking skills and most importantly the understanding that it is all about the ability to develop relationships at a deeper level. As the majority of my career has been in people related businesses this was right up my street. Alongside my property business I then spent 10 years with a large networking organisation; supporting and launching groups and training others to network successfully. In 2011 I set up Opendoorz with Sonia Kearns and we really haven’t looked back.  We now have a thriving networking company that is expanding; thanks in part to the lessons learned along the way. I have the greatest respect for anyone who sets up a business and  I’m now fortunate to be able to also support small business owner through a group formerly called ConnectingDoorz and now remodelled to offer even more support and development as The Business Spa.

Five questions, five answers…

What has been your most pivotal moment in business?

Hitting rock bottom financially and knowing no matter what I wasn’t quitting and had to find another way.

If you could send a text to yourself the day you started out in business what would it say?

Trust in yourself and go for it….you’ve got this!

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Stuart Miller the CEO of ByBox Ltd who built a hugely successful business by trusting the people around him and his team and is one of the nicest (crap word sorry Stuart) guys I know.

What book should all business owners read?

Start with Why by Simon Sinek – once you truly know why you do what you do decisions and plans are easy to make and actions come naturally.

What is your favourite quote?

The stunning Elizabeth Taylor who said ‘I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them’. Just such a fab outlook for business and life!

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