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Do you suffer from Comparisonitis?

comparisonitisRecently we were joined by the amazing Jenny Gordon of Jenuine Consulting Ltd who shared her experience of setting up and running a business with us. There were so many lightbulb moments and we’ve managed to capture a few that might help you too.

Heart Felt

Starting your business come from your heart and not because someone else said it’s a great idea. You may love doing something, a hobby perhaps ie for some home baking is wonderful and you might be brilliant at it – but would it for a living? You need to understand why you want to do something, what it will give you, does it unleash your passion – without this you will give up at times it’s tough – and they will happen.


When we start a business there are a myriad of tasks to complete you may not have considered; sales – marketing – video – admin – bookkeeping – social Media to name a few. If you are not comfortable with these it will be like using your left hand if you’re righthanded, you can do it but it will take much longer than needed and will not be done as well as if you outsourced to an expert.

Ideal Client

For most new businesses the early days are the most difficult our excitability and adrenaline are easily diluted by the reality of the day to day. It’s so important to know who your ideal client is and to trust that there is enough business to go around. Knowing who you want to work with and focussing all your messaging and marketing activities towards attracting them is key. Try to avoid the broad-brush approach of I’d like introductions anyone…. as this is not specific enough and hard for others to understand and support you.
‘Yes’ person – Another trait of the new business owner is to try to please everyone which leads to a lack of self-confidence and value in what you do. Funny thing is once you stop and learn to say no the right business starts to flow. Knowing what you offer and the price you offer it at and being courageous enough to stick to it is the best way to grow your business.


It’s the thing that stops us being who we can be because we are continually comparing ourselves to others. There will always be some one bigger, more out there, have a better website, already dealing with your ideal clients but this is also only in your opinion. The truth is we never really know how others are doing, we only see what see and it might not be the reality. Being a comparisonist wastes time, drains energy and feeds are mid with negativity. Be you and do it your way.


Getting it right first time is rare, and perfection a myth. If you wait until something is perfect or till you have all the answers, you run the risk of not doing anything at all. Have a go and see what happens, create a first draft and try it out – then at least you are doing something and can improve as you go! So many successful people had a go, learned what didn’t work, made some tweaks and went again…Edison, J. K. Rowling, Richard Branson to name a tiny few.


When you meet other businesses, particularly out networking, and ask how’s business the response is unlikely to be ‘bloody awful’, even if it is! This creates the illusion that business is booming but doesn’t tap into the amazing support that can be found in being part of a business group, something we know well at The Business Spa. Being able to admit when things are tough may feel like exposing a vulnerability, but everyone goes through tough times and like to be able to support others experiencing the same. Honesty is the only way to access the support, advice and help that will move you through a situation. Reserve this vulnerability for a safe space, a person or group of people who will allow you to be honest and genuinely want to help.


Without a boss it can be easy to miss deadlines, motivate yourself to do the tasks you don’t enjoy or that are out of your comfort zone or generally be proactive. We can all find reasons but are they just excuses? Having accountability buddies to keep you on track will ensure deadlines are hit and goals achieved. Drifting is a dangerous pastime for a new business owner.
Spending time learning from others and working on your business not in it are both important for growth and success..

Our SMILE is contagious. Come and see for yourself!

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