• Welcome to The Business Spa

    Welcome to The Business Spa

    A unique business support space that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised and ready for success.
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    By working together our members’ businesses grow and thrive
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    Shared knowledge and guidance improves all areas of running a business
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    A clear focus on goals and a solid plan to achieve them

What Is The Business Spa?

The Business Spa meets twice a month between 9.30 and 12.00pm offers a unique space away from the day-to-day issues of running a business and provides you with support, knowledge and accountability to help you focus on your own development and goals and come away feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready for success.

During this period of Social Isolation we're running all meetings virtually for our members. Anyone wishing to know more about The Business Spa or keen to come to a future guest event please get in touch with Kate (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We'd love to hear from you...


The Business Spa is a vibrant membership based business support, development & mentoring group for business owners who have either recently set up, are growing their businesses or who have been in business many years and need some fresh ideas. We currently have groups in Oxford and Basingstoke.

We know that businesses flourish and grow when the people that run them take the time to look after and invest in their professional development.

The Business Spa offers a unique space away from the day to day issues of running a business and provides you with support, knowledge and guidance to help you focus on your own development and goals and come away feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready for success.

Whether you’ve been in business a year or many more making sure you take quality time to invest in your mindset, knowledge and wellbeing continually improving yourself is essential. Our business mentoring group in Oxford can help your business grow and develop.

The Business Spa has a winning S-M-I-L-E which offers you Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Learning and Expertise to get the best results for you and your business.

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  • “I recently had the pleasure of attending The Business Spa and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It’s a wonderful thing to walk into a room full of strangers and not feel out of place because you’re so welcomed. I took so much away from that event... not just the lasting connections I made, but also, the advice and information shared between the group.”
    Sian Pages – Not Just Travel
  • “After relocating to Oxford, I needed to start again building relationships and a business network. The Business Spa is supportive, proactively helpful and personally encouraging. The Business Spa is a brilliant mix of nurture, learning and challenge which is perfect for building a business.”
    Helen Lamb – Chadwick Consulting Ltd.
  • “I always feel invigorated after a session at the Business Spa. Sharing ideas and ways to make my business grow with likeminded people sets me up for the rest of the week!”
    Liz Maudsley Dip.ED, DipPFS – Financial Planner
  • "Soon after I started running my own business a friend took me along to a Business Spa guest event. I joined there and then as I could see that the support, development and connection opportunities were just what I needed! Being a member of the Business Spa definitely helps me keep my business on track and stay sane in the process! An unexpected bonus has been the collaboration opportunities that have arisen with some of the group members. We have a couple of initiatives on the go which are proving to be a great success and a lot of fun."
    Louise Puddifoot – People Development & Leadership
  • "When I visited for the first time, I wasn't actually intending to join at all as I assumed, I wouldn't have time to commit to a fortnightly meeting. But I was so impressed by what I saw that I joined there and then. It was definitely a good decision as the support, challenge, motivation and sharing of expertise and experience that I receive each month is invaluable."
    Penny Stephens Aff.SWW - Will and Probate Adviser

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