Welcome to The Business Spa
A unique business support space that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised and ready for success.
By working together our members’ businesses grow and thrive
Shared knowledge and guidance improves all areas of running a business
A clear focus on goals and a solid plan to achieve them

What Is The Business Spa?

An inspirational space that leaves you refreshed, revitalised and ready for success!

The Business Spa is a membership-based support, business development and mentoring group, where you’ll have time to reflect on your business, invest in your professional development, and unlock a world of fresh ideas and inspiration.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing what you do – you may have just started, you may be growing, or you may have been in business for some years. We know that businesses of all shapes and sizes flourish to their greatest potential when the people that run them invest in themselves – when they take time to reflect on their mindset, increase their knowledge, and balance their wellbeing.

The Business Spa gives you the space to do all of this, in the company of other professionals and business owners who are seeking the same support as you are. Our regular sessions – one or two per month, depending on your membership level – are planned time-out from the day-to-day running of your business; a place where you will find support, knowledge and accountability, and you’ll return to work feeling refreshed, with new ideas to drive your business development.

Time invested in you is time invested in your business – and the Business Spa is the perfect place to refill, reset and refocus. But we offer even more at The Business Spa, because we also believe that the only way to truly succeed in business is to be connected to inspiring and experienced business owners who can guide and support you along the way. That’s why we are incredibly proud of our expert mentors who give their time and share their knowledge to help our members achieve their business development dreams.

The values at the heart of the Business Spa are the five pillars of Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Learning and Expertise – a SMILE for you and your business.


To keep an open mind, be non-judgemental and always behave in a supportive, positive way that encourages and brings out the best in others.


To display a can-do attitude striving to be our best at all times, achieve our own goals and motivate others to doing the same.


To excite and inspire business owners to have a compelling vision for their businesses, create a rock-solid plan and commit to bringing it to life.


To provide and facilitate continuous professional development to actively encourage new learning, brushing up of skills and sharing knowledge.


To introduce successful entrepreneurs willing to share their unique stories, expertise and experiences for the sole benefit of others.

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