• The Difference

    The Difference

What can The Business Spa offer you?

Our Associate Directors are committed to your success – it’s part of why they do what they do. Our mentors and speakers have been where you are now and are absolutely delighted to be able to offer their time, expertise, experiences and inspiration to support you.  

You will be asked to commit to tasks each month that will move your business in the direction and at the speed you choose. You get to support other business owners too by encouraging them to achieve their business commitments in buddy groups.

Whether you’ve been in business a year or many more making sure you take quality time to invest in your personal and business development, mindset, knowledge and wellbeing, continually improving yourself, is essential.

What matters to us…

Our Vision

It’s widely documented that less than 30% of new businesses get to celebrate 10 years – our vision is to be partying with all our members when they get there.

Our Mission

That all members feel revitalised, focused, energised and ready to take action after time spent at  the Business Spa.

Our Smile (aka our values)

Support | Motivation | Inspiration | Learning | Expertise


To keep an open-mind, be non-judgmental and always behave in a supportive, positive way that encourages and brings out the best others.


To display a can-do attitude striving to be our best at all times, achieve our own goals and motivate others to doing the same.


To take a positive approach and inspire business owners to have a compelling vision for their businesses, create a rock-solid plan and commit to bring it to life.


To provide and facilitate continuous professional development to actively encourage new learning, brushing up of skills and sharing of knowledge.


To share experiences, expertise, personal learning and unique stories for the benefit of our members.


And…although serious about business we will always remember to have a little bit of fun along the way!


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