Teodora Pile

Wellness & Resilience Coach

Teo Pile

What I love and do

Romanian born and English raised, and I am a multipotentialite which means I love to learn about many things (might explain my background in Law & IT).

As well as loving to learn, expand my knowledge and share my passion with others, I am a big fashion enthusiast and I have an extension collection of shoes & clothes. Gardening and flowers are what support my connection with myself, others and nature and where I get the creativity flow going.

What I do and love

I am a big believer in our body’s ability to heal and in my work as a coach & therapist, I support people in their journey back to health and wellness so they can blossom & live a life they want and deserve, on their own terms.

The mind-heart-body balance is a natural state that we can achieve, but due to what life brings, sometimes we lose that connection. Most often the physical symptoms or issues we have are a manifestation of emotional states and I love to support people in resolving the to underlying challenges so they can thrive in their lives.

I use an integrative, 360 degrees approach where I blend in cutting edge, science-based tools & technology with oriental & ayurvedic medicine to bring back harmony and balance between the mind and the body.

I do this via either 1 to 1 coaching programmes or 3 days training workshop, my clients gain powerful tools to use the brain-body link so they can increase their physical & mental health and ultimately their wellbeing.

When our mind, heart, body and emotions are in tune, we create new possibilities in our lives and are able to ground and live life through our highest values.

And I support courageous people who are trying to balance life’s challenges to gain more inner calm & build resilience so they can thrive from life’s challenges and design a life they love, on their terms..