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Louisa Southey

Contengo Ltd

Liz Doyle

What I love and do...

Though always up for a challenge, Louisa can’t quite recall agreeing to work with her husband Charles to setup a software company. Trained as a physics teacher, she spent many amazing years home educating her four children, and is an advocate of lifelong learning. She enjoys trying new things. (Except skydiving)

What I do and love...

Contengo Ltd is a start-up IT software & services company, incorporated in 2019, and now fully operational. Our mission is to facilitate secure, transparent and trusted communication between businesses and their customers in a way that empowers individuals to critically evaluate the services they are getting, to make informed choices, and to take control over the use of their data.

We are specialists in a number of fields, but particularly in the area of complex data transformation and aggregation for reporting purposes. We can also automate the production and delivery of professionally-designed reports via a secure, branded online platform – along with secure messaging and document sharing.

Our industry experience encompasses Professional Services (financial services and law firms), FMCG, pharmaceuticals and IT security firms. We offer bespoke software solutions for businesses – taking full advantage of the newest innovations and developments in technology - that are low cost, highly effective, easy to maintain and update and do exactly what you need them to do.

We can bring together existing solutions to enable seamless communication between them, eliminating the effort of rekeying data and the inevitable errors or omissions that accompanies it.

Alongside this we are developing our own online identity platform for users to maintain their data and communicate with their contacts in a secure environment. We have identified a use case for this: “Pubaroo” -  and plan to roll out the product later this year.

We are passionate about developing new talent and have recently taken on two interns who have been able to get to grips with machine learning and mobile app development, with great success.


Website: https://www.contengo.net

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone Number: 07786231091


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