Jonathan Castell

Wealth Manager

What I love and do…

Moving from north Kent to Didcot for work 10 years ago, I now call Oxfordshire my home (I guess I have to now my son has it on his passport!). I love to be outdoors, be it running through mud on the ridgeway or along the Thames, or hurtling towards the ground at 120mph above Wallingford, if I am outside I am happy. My partner, dog and son have all been forced to join me outside, although I haven’t got the dog or my son jumping out of a plane… yet.

What I do and love

Finance is complicated, and it needn’t be with the right guidance. Previous career consultant geologist turned Financial Advisor with the aim to help people understand and responsibly manage their finances. Helping people make the most of their savings, purchase their first home or plan for their retirement are the day-to-day aspects of my business, and it’s what I love and why I changed my career.