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Networking Mastery VIP Workshop

What you need to know about business networking 

Networking opens up many opportunities including new introductions, business growth, personal and business development, trusted suppliers and collaborators.

It’s a proven way for professionals to develop, grow and retain connections.

Business rarely knocks on your door. Being able to build a solid referral network is essential in today’s market.
In the early days it can be a nerve wracking experience for many meaning they fear it, avoid it and certainly never get the best from it.

Companies whose staff are new to networking will not reap the rewards from their teams networking efforts as they are forcing them, albeit in an encouraging way, to do something they feel uncomfortable about.

Anyone can network – Introverts make equally good, and arguably better at times, networkers than extroverts.

Just because you can walk into a room confidently doesn’t mean you can network purposefully.

Networking is a skill that can be learned, refreshed and improved.

Over the past few years many face-to-face communications have been replaced by new technologies. This undoubtedly offers many advantages, but it also means there are less opportunities for individuals to develop rapport building skills. This results in them lacking confidence when talking in public whether that be on a one-to-one basis or to a group.

This is a hot topic of conversation and concern within our own professional networks which is why we are delighted to be launching our Networking Mastery VIP Workshop.

Networking workshops will help overcome fears, build confidence and arm participants with the skills required to network professionally in any situation.

Cathy Dunbabin 

Cathy is renowned as a collector and connector of professional people which, she feels, is key to being a successful networker.

She has run networking training for the worlds largest networking organisation and is a Director and joint owner of Opendoorz and Business Mentor of The Business Spa..

Both companies encourage members to build strong professional business relationships with the right people; share expertise and experiences, support each other and have a little fun in the process!

Cathy has written many networking pages for the Oxford Times and was voted ‘Most Influential Woman of the year in Oxfordshire in 2014.

What to expect… 

In order to create a realistic environment our training will be held at a conference venue in Bloxham . It will operate a consistent format in keeping with the more formal styles of professional business networking. The reason for this is that actual networking involves going to a venue away from the office and meeting people you don’t know. It’s important to emulate a true networking experience so that participants get the most from the sessions.

What others say… 

Cathy’s experience in networking and openness to share her contacts and expertise is invaluable and should not be missed by anyone looking to grow their business.
Alex Minchin – Owner of Zest Digital 

Cathy is such an enthusiastic and authentic person, she really makes networking a pleasure rather than an obligation. Cathy has very good advice on how to approach a sometimes difficult area of putting yourself and your business out there, and she leads by example in the excellent work that she does. Sarah Wood – Marketing on Demand 


24 May 2022


9:30 am - 5:00 pm




Bloxham Mill
Barford Road, Bloxham, OX15 4FF
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