A little bit of history

The Business Spa was founded by Cathy Dunbabin, a self-confessed people person and serial entrepreneur! Cathy, along with business partner Sonia Kearns, set up Opendoorz, a professional networking membership group in 2011.

This business has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the most sort after networking groups in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. She set up The Business Spa because she could see how much knowledge and motivation she drew from spending time with aspirational business people; learning from them, working with them and celebrating their successes.

Cathy realised that a structured way to provide that support and inspiration would be of huge benefit to lots of business owners and managers who often don’t get a chance to step away from their businesses and invest in themselves.

If you’re serious about your business, The Business Spa fills that gap and will help you grow & flourish personally and professionally.

How does the Business Spa work?

It’s called The Business Spa because much like a trip to a day spa it’s indulgent and rejuvenating and you will definitely leave feeling re-energised and focused on success. Instead of massages and pedicures at The Business Spa our treatments are all focused on helping you and your business grow and flourish.

You’ll experience professional development delivered by experts in their field and successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right, goal setting and objective planning as well as opportunities to share experiences, bounce ideas around and discuss challenging issues in a trusted environment.

As well as influential guest speakers The Business Spa has a team of experts that contribute regularly and offer additional support.  Our business development mentor team includes experts in marketing, sales, finance, networking, social media, and business coaching and more…

What does a session at The Business Spa look like?

Each month our two meetings are divided into key areas each designed to help you grow and develop your business acumen and to inspire you with ideas to help your business flourish.


    A chance for a member to showcase their business and practice their pitch


    During the first meeting of the month, we hear from some of our favourite entrepreneurs who share stories of their business journeys. Honestly told, full of pearls of wisdom they talk of the highs, the lows and the lessons learned when building a successful business.

    During the second meeting of the month, with the help of our expert speakers we explore a range of business topics. By developing your business skills, improving your understanding and knowledge you will benefit both personal and professionally


    Each month we focus on what we each want to achieve over the next month, quarter and year. Working together as a whole and in small ‘buddy’ groups we create an environment of productivity and success to enable you to reach your goals.


    We also open the floor to members monthly to discuss issues, ideas and challenges in a trusted environment.

Obviously, this is all supplemented with lots of lovely tea, coffee, pastries and fresh fruit!

The Nitty Gritty...

We meet on the first and third week of the month 9.30am – 12.15pm, 9.15am for coffee with a 9.30am kick off and finish by 12.15pm.

Joining Fee – £35

Executive Membership – £95 per month single or £142.50 per month joint.
In addition, Venue Fees are £30 per person per month.

Please Note – Joint members, who must work in the same business, receive a 50% discount on the second monthly membership fee. There is no VAT payable on any fees.