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Louise Puddifoot

People Development

louise puddifoot

What I love and do...

I live in Abingdon with my husband and two teenage daughters. An early morning start, with a dog walk, sets me up nicely for the day. I enjoy eating out, conversation with friends, shopping, reading, yoga and trying anything new! I'm fascinated by people, behaviour and how we think.

What I do and love...

My business, Willow & Puddifoot, helps organisations to improve performance by improving leadership and manager effectiveness and increasing employee wellbeing. 

I believe in people and I want to help them to thrive. There are lots of proven techniques that can help us improve our wellbeing, happiness and performance. However, most of us miss out on these valuable skills. Sadly, they are not taught in schools and most of us never get to learn about them in adulthood. Our mission at Willow and Puddifoot is to bring these proven techniques to people and their organisations. 

We offer a range of training and coaching programmes to support leadership development, manager development and employee wellbeing. Some typical scenarios we help support are:

"My managers have been promoted to manager positions because they are good at their jobs. However, they don't know how to manage people and haven't had management training."

"My leadership team isn't getting on. There's too much unhealthy conflict and that's disrupting performance."

"We know we should do something to support wellbeing / mental health but we don't know what to do."

"We have trained people as mental health first aiders but we don't know what to do next."

As a small business we are fast and flexible. We take the time to get to know our clients and their organisation, offer advice and suggest the most appropriate people development package to meet their needs.


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