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Helen Joy

Business Consultant

helen joy

What I love and do...

Amongst juggling family, business and friends I can be found walking the dog, hiding with a good book or sipping a G&T in the garden. I harbour dreams of publishing my own novel, although I should probably sit down and write a bit more often to make that happen!

What I do and love

ANPR Consulting Ltd deliver a range of bespoke packages and programmes, from Training and Coaching to Project Management and Camera Services, across a variety of industries.

With a focus on growing your business through your people, we tailor training and support that helps you get the most from your teams. We believe that everyone is capable of providing a workplace that motivates, inspires and encourages people to achieve their optimum potential. By supporting business owners and managers, we help them to develop their business plans, define their culture, establish strong working practices and embed, engage and enthuse their teams. By creating inspiring and motivating training interventions, we help businesses to absorb the skills they want to develop and build towards their futures.

In order to create bespoke training programmes for each business, we spend time getting to know the organisation, understand their industry and put together courses and workshops that address the key behavioural changes they want to see. We work closely with each client, ensuring that they move at the pace that is right for them.


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